• “MicroDynamics gave us 110% at every step of the way, which was just fantastic.”

    “We developed a strong relationship with MicroDynamics – to the point where you could say a close partnership and absolute trust developed”.

    “Would I recommend them? Absolutely. I have dealt with many vendors in my time, and too many IT companies promise the world, and then don’t deliver. However, if MicroDynamics said it could be done, it would be done.”

    “MicroDynamics’ customer service was exceptional. They were always readily available.  They either serviced us on-site, or we’d simply do a web conference, which worked really well.”

    “Their training consultants have the unique ability to engage a room of people they’ve never even met. Even using web conferencing, they could gain credibility for the solution internally.”

    “A stand-out with MicroDynamics is their after-sales service. Anyone can sell you something – but whether or not they can support it is another story. MicroDynamics were available, from day one, at any time, to help us deal with any issue”.

    Richard Nowakowski Enterprise Project Execution and Governance, BTSS, Westpac
  • “Even before we had finished mapping the processes, there were changes taking place within the organisation as a result, which is extremely positive.”
    Amar Pabla, Process Improvement Manager, MDA National
  • “With MicroDynamics, I was able to talk to the right people all the time. When you have one central contact point, they can help you more effectively rather than going through the same cycle again and again – as can be the case with a larger organisation.”
    Amar Pabla, Process Improvement Manager, MDA National
  • “I was looking for a solution that was easy to use, easy to implement and not too expensive. From this point of view, the solution and services MicroDynamics provided worked very well.”
    Amar Pabla, Process Improvement Manager, MDA National
  • “NAB’s cost-to-income ratio is now one of the best in the business – MicroDynamics has become a vital cog in our efficiency wheel.”
    Manager, Business Transformation, NAB
  • I just wanted to let you know that our training was completed, and we were all very impressed with the trainer. Thank you so much
    Carole, Child Support Agency – Brisbane
  • The trainer was very knowledgeable, and a clear communicator. He ensured everyone had a chance to ask questions and stop where required. Thank you! He did well to fit so much into two days.
    Sarah Reynolds, Business Analyst, State Trustees
  • Our trainer demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the software package, and presented all topics in a friendly, relevant manner. He was able to pitch to all audience members without frustrating the faster learners or losing the slower learners.
    Stewart MacLeod, Manager, State Trustees
  • Excellent course – Well Structured. Flexible – Clear – Great!
    Peter Middleton, Financial Operations, Westfield
  • Trainer was informative and entertaining
    Manager, Mortgages Direct, ANZ Banking Group
  • Overall the training was very helpful in providing an understanding of the software and its functionality. Also, good in teaching short cuts.
    Business Analyst, Mortgages Servicing, ANZ Banking Group
  • Thank you for the action packed two days catering to learning styles & experiences of everyone.
    Process Analyst, MLC
  • Excellent instructor, also very informative, but kept us entertained and enjoyed as well.
    Business Operations Analyst, NAB
  • The trainer was an excellent instructor, displaying patience and enthusiasm. Thanks
    Business Analyst, NAB
  • The trainer was an energetic and knowledgeable facilitator. The course was easy to follow and answered all questions.
    Team Manager, MLC
  • Very enjoyable delivery and presentation style!
    David Jones, Business Analyst, W. D. Scott
  • Really pleasing and engaging instructional & presentation methodologies. Thank you.
    Business Improvement Manager, Westpac
  • We have installed the latest version with no problems, thanks for your help and quick response
    Keith Burton | Applications Support | Corporate Services | Mackay Regional Council |
  • Thank you very much for making the license acquisition an efficient and easy process.
    Andrew McKenzie - DEVIL TECHNOLOGY