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iGrafx Enterprise Modeler,  iGrafx Enterprise Central

Enterprise Modeler and Enterprise Central

iGrafx® Enterprise Central®
and Enterprise Modeler® are collaboration solutions that align company processes, resources, and systems with corporate goals and strategies to effectively enable compliance management, risk management, enterprise architecture and quality improvement initiatives. Through data integration and visual workflows, these collaborative solutions enable organizations to develop comprehensive organizational models with multidimensional views of business processes, supporting systems, technology components and resources

Models created with iGrafx® Enterprise Central® and Enterprise Modeler® can be integrated with process maps stored in the iGrafx® Process Central® repository.

iGrafx Enterprise Central allows organizations to optimise and manage their processes and align IT initiatives to the enterprise strategy. By combining the intelligence of a central database with its powerful client, iGrafx Enterprise Modeler, organisations can capture enterprise strategies, goals, risks, systems and resources, and their relationships. iGrafx Enterprise Central fully enables compliance management, risk management, enterprise architecture and quality improvement initiatives.Ideal for organizations engaged in

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • SOX Compliance
  • IT Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Quality Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • ISO Certification
  • Business Process Management

Key Applications


Enterprise Architecture

Enables better understanding of complex, multidimensional concepts and improves ability to plan business and technology investments.


Enables complete documentation and ongoing compliance with initiatives such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

IT Governance

IT service management that enables the control, consistency and management of IT projects.

Risk Management

Structured, inter-related models that enable risk identification and analysis for effective management and risk mitigation.

Business Continuity

Performs impact analysis and identifies system and process interdependencies for scenario planning.

Quality Management

Measure and ensure that all processes necessary to produce products and services are effective and efficient.

Business Process Management

Centrally manages, stores, archives, and controls all process documentation.