iGrafx Flowcharter


iGrafx Flowcharter is the easiest, most fully featured and intuitive process modelling tool for organisations to document, understand and improve their business processes. Easily create a graphical representation of processes to allow you to identify the bottlenecks and issues in a process. Very comprehensive and far more robust than any other process mapping tool, iGrafx FlowCharter is the foundation stone in the iGrafx family of business process software .

iGrafx Flowcharter allows you to drill down multiple levels, create hierarchy, add metrics and meta data and create off page connectors. Create process models using iGrafx Flowcharter and store the models in the iGrafx Process Central  process repository for easy collaboration and version control.

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Use Flowcharter to create :
  • Flowcharts
  • Process Maps
  • Swimlane® Diagrams
  • Value Stream Maps
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams
  • FMEA Spreadsheets
  • Pick Charts
  • SIPOC Charts
  • BPMN Diagrams
  • Customised Templates

Intelligent Swimlane® Diagrams

Cuts time to create and edit process maps and communicate cross-department process dependencies.

Hierarchical Process Maps and Numbering

Save time by re-using sub-processes within the model. Shape numbering changes flows through the hierarchy resulting in more consistent and easy to understand models .

Value Stream Maps

Edit and update your product or service VSMs and then share them with colleagues.

Prioritization Matrix

Identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement through color-coded spreadsheets linked to processes and activities.

Failure Mode Spreadsheets

Mitigate failure mode effects faster with FMEA spreadsheets connected to process models.

Multi-lingual diagrams

Author, publish and view multi-lingual diagrams in the preferred language within Web Central.

Extended Value Stream Maps

Create a lean view that crosses plant, divisional, and company boundaries.

Cause and Effect Diagrams

Describe causes with linked fishbone, pareto chart, and FMEA views. Understand which actions will make the biggest positive impact.

Intelligent BPMN Diagrams

Accelerate your BPMN projects with automatic correct-by-construction and rules checking capabilities.

PDF Publishing

Share your process models as PDF documents as well as HTML and Microsoft® Office documents.

Visio® Import

Seamlessly import and convert maps created in Visio, and improve by adding metadata.

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