iGrafx Process Central

iGrafx Process Central repository is a powerful server software solution that enables team-based collaboration on all relevant process documentation.

The centralised process repository platform provides a common process language and reference to model objects throughout the organisation's documentation. You have a single view of the relationships that exists between models and documentation. 

iGrafx Process Central provides an excellent enterprise wide publishing platform with UNLIMITED viewing capacity via an internet connection WITHOUT additional web coding. Process documents can be delivered in multilingual formats WITHOUT the need to recreate local version of the central document.

Combine this with integrated document lifecycle management that AUTOMATICALLY tracks VERSION CONTROL, creates an AUDIT TRAIL and secure user role access rights, you will always have the ability to demonstrate control over your documentation.The hierarchical content structure provides a single view of related documents and enables effective management of linked documents - no more broken links!  

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Ideal for organisations engaged in

  • Compliance
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean
  • BPM Initiatives
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Total Quality Management

Key Features


Central Storage and Access Control

Maintain and manage process models in a central repository. Data is widely accessible but secure.


Versioning and Audit Trail

Ensure accurate document history and roll-back capability.


Shared Enterprise Model

Reuse enterprise elements across multiple models. Build consistent models and speed development.


Lifecycle Management

Models progress through multiple stages of maturity from review, to approval, and sign-off.


Link Management

Groups work more effectively when document links are automatically maintained.


Store non-iGrafx Documents

Manage supporting process documentation, such as Microsoft® Office files, in the iGrafx repository.


Web Browser Access

Eliminate intermediate web documents to reduce publishing errors and web updates via direct web access for viewing, review and commenting, and approval.


Process Architecture Navigation

Navigate a defined enterprise process architecture.


Search and Query

Find information fast with full text search and customize queries to display relevant data.



Monitor work in progress and obtain e-mail notifications when documents are modified.


Project Management

Manage the production of documents to a deadline. 


Configurable Look and Feel

Modern graphic design options may be used to configure the look and feel of Web Central’s landing and content pages.


Standards Based

Uses Microsoft® SQL Server™ or Oracle®.

Click here to request a no-obligation demonstration of iGrafx Process Central 

Call 1300 259 667 to speak to a consultant on how we can assist your enterprise BPM efforts.