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 iGrafx Process for Enterprise Modeling

 Process for Enterprise Modelling 

Achieve Enterprise Strategy, Alignment and Control to become a Process Centric Organisation

iGrafx Process 2011 for Enterprise Modeling 

is the most full-featured, easy to use enterprise modeling tool available to help organizations understand and improve their enterprise.

Start with iGrafx Process for Enterprise Modeling to create process and enterprise landscapes defining your organization’s business practices and objectives, integrating visual process flows and what-if analysis into the larger picture. Perform more advanced modeling and sophisticated reporting and analysis in
iGrafx Enterprise Modeler.

When joined with a client/ server based central repository like
iGrafx Process Central, the iGrafx solution will help you bridge the gap between the major organization stakeholders— IT, process initiatives and business analysts—to achieve a level of process consistency, management, history and control across the enterprise.

iGrafx Process for Enterprise Modeling is the ideal tool for adding enterprise model information to your process maps.  Define Risks, Strategies, Goals, Business Rules, Resource Models.  Assign and re-use process artifacts throughout process maps stored in your iGrafx Process Central repository.

iGrafx Process for Enterprise Modeling provides all of the functionality in iGrafx Process and iGrafx Process™ for Six Sigma plus extensions for complete enterprise modeling.

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Easily Create

  • BPMN Diagrams
  • Flowcharts
  • Process Maps
  • Swimlane® Diagrams
  • Process Hierarchies
  • Strategy Relationships
  • Risk Relationships

  • Technology Relationships
  • Organizational Relationships
  • Resource Relationships
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Customized Templates
  • And More...


  • Resource Modeling
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • "What-If" Analysis
  • Tabular & Graphical Reports

Key Features

Includes FlowCharter & Process and Process for Six Sigma

See FlowCharterProcess & Process for Six Sigma pages for full list of features. Feature Comparison Table

Strategy, Goals, and Measures

Ensure underlying business architecture supports larger initiatives.

Requirements and Rules

Ensure underlying business architecture is in compliance.

Risks and Controls

Ensure compliance and risk mitigation.

Organizations and Roles

Know who is responsible, accountable, informed, and consulted (RACI).

Technologies and Systems

Capture relationships to perform impact and gap analysis.

Work Products

Understand how and where data, forms, materials, etc. are used by tasks within the organization.

Shared Enterprise Model

Reuse enterprise elements across multiple models. Build consistent models and speed development.

IT Architecture Modeling

Describe how IT systems support processes and analyse resource contention.

Intelligent Swimlane® Diagrams

Minimize time to create and edit process maps and communicate cross-department process dependencies

Extended Value Stream Maps

Create a lean view that crosses plant, divisional, and company boundaries

Multiple Scenario Analysis

Identify optimal changes through comprehensive "what-if" analysis

SOA Modeling

Use messages to simulate process communication within a service-oriented architecture.

Visio® Import

Reduce development time by leveraging legacy content.

Click here to purchase "iGrafx Process Process for Enterprise Modelling" or request a no-obligation demonstration 

Call 1300 259 667 to speak to a consultant for more information or book a demonstration.