iGrafx Process


iGrafx® Process is a comprehensive, easy to use process analysis and simulation tool for improving and optimising your processes.

iGrafx Process provides all of the functionality in iGrafx® FlowCharter® plus discrete event simulation analytics, and reporting, enabling dynamic "what-if" process analysis.
Compare the AS-IS to TO-BE to determine cost savings or identify opportunities for process efficiencies.  Generate reports based on time, cost and resource utilisation. Run simulations to identify bottlenecks, test solutions and see results before putting into production

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Easily Create:

  • Flowcharts
  • Process Maps
  • Swimlane® Diagrams
  • Value Stream Maps
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams
  • FMEA Spreadsheets
  • Pick Charts
  • SIPOC Diagrams
  • BPMN Diagrams
  • Customized Templates
  • And More...


  • Resource Modeling
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • "What-If" Analysis
  • Tabular & Graphical Reports

Key Features

Intelligent Swimlane® Diagrams

Quickly and easily create and edit process maps and communicate cross-department process dependencies.

Visual Trace

Visualise and interrogate simulations to enhance understanding and validate models.

Extended Value Stream Maps

Create a lean view that traverses departmental, divisional, and company boundaries

Simulate BPMN Diagrams

Perform process simulation whilst adhering to the BPMN standard.

Multiple Scenario Analysis

Identify optimal changes through comprehensive "what-if" analysis.

Custom Distribution

Easily create distributions to model reality.

SOA Modeling

Use messages to simulate process communication within a service-oriented architecture.

Create Reports from Simulation Data

View simulation results through tabular and graphical reports that show side-by-side comparison of individual and aggregated statistics.

PDF Publishing

Share your process models as PDF documents as well as HTML and Microsoft® Office documents.

Visio® Import

Seamlessy import process maps created in Visio. Headers, footers and swimlanes convert intact.. Diagrams are converted to iGrafx format, enabling metadata to be added. 

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