Process Improvement

iGrafx Software Enables Continuous Process Improvement

iGrafx is a leader in helping companies achieve process excellence by providing solutions that enable companies to document, model, analyze, improve and manage their business processes. 

To achieve a successful process improvement initiative it is important to be able to identify and analyse improvements to the process prior to introducing them into the business.

iGrafx enables organisations to gain a greater understanding of their processes by graphically mapping, textually modeling, then via simulation, thoroughly analysing processes in which improvements are required.

iGrafx solutions enable insight into process behavior and optimized processes, but also provide an organization-wide framework for collaborative process improvement initiatives.

For companies wishing to automate processes, the iGrafx tool suite allows process models to be seamlessly exported to a complementary business process management system (BPMS) using standard modeling notation and file formats. this seamless link permits business and IT stakeholders to effectively collaborate and successfully address key business requirements with automated solutions.
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  • More efficiently
  • More cost effectively
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks
  • Perform what-if analysis
  • Compare the AS-IS to the TO-BE solution before putting the revised process into production
  • Consider the impact of subprocesses when improving processes as a whole

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