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iGrafx is a leading suite of business process software that enables you to model, analyse and optimise your processes and work collaboratively through the process repository.  iGrafx stands out for its ease of use and comprehensive features.
MicroDynamics is the master distributor of iGrafx business process analysis software in Australia and New Zealand since 2004. We have deep expertise in iGrafx gained from many successful iGrafx BPA and BPM implementations.across a broad range of industries.  

iGrafx: Projects

iGrafx FlowCharter

iGrafx Flowcharter is the easiest, most fully featured and intuitive process modelling tool for organisations to document, understand and improve their business processes. Easily create a graphical representation of processes to allow you to identify the bottlenecks and issues in a process. Very comprehensive and far more robust than any other process mapping tool, iGrafx FlowCharter is the foundation stone in the iGrafx family of business process software .

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